Vision Targeting Ad Tech

Millions of new web articles with such stylish images are created every day.

More the stylish image in the article, more the reader is interested to check out similar fashion product from his/her favorite eCommerce online shops. And with just one click, if possible.

STYLECRUSH is a vision targeting ad tech platform that uses advanced AI Image Recognition technology to deliver highly targeted and contextual ads for the fashion eCommerce advertisers so that they can significantly improve their purchase rates conversions.

Contextual & Relevant

Today’s online audiences are highly motivated to purchase at what the industry calls “moments of inspiration” that are essentially the buy-triggers generated by visual content seen across the web. STYLECRUSH ensures the most similar matching items are presented to readers in the most intuitive way.

Engage & Interact

Interact with the ad-banner content by simply clicking on "Next Style" or customize own search selection.

Whether it's a dress, pants, shoes or handbags, STYLECRUSH is designed to convert purchase intentions to real purchases!

Want More

Click on the "Show me more styles" button to get another 50 similar products from your favorite eCommerce online shops. Still unable to find what you are looking for? Upload a picture or better still yet, take a photo of the dress or shoes or even the handbag you've been dreaming about and start searching for the closest match!